Cloud migration

Choose an experienced partner on your way to the cloud. Moving data and applications to the cloud is becoming a necessary step for companies that want to ensure business continuity and an investment that will certainly pay off in a short period of time. Our know-how team will not only ensure proper planning and streamline the migration process, it can also help you effectively manage your cloud environment.

As part of our cloud services we create fully integrated hybrid solutions which combine public clouds, dedicated computing and disk resources and — if required by the customer — Atende Business Cloud services (IaaS) as part of a single, flexible environment.

The combination of various cloud environments will allow you to gain benefits characteristic for each type of environment: practically unlimited public cloud resources, efficiency and separation of dedicated resources, flexibility and freedom of the local cloud.


Migration to the cloud

From migration strategy to implementation and maintenance

We enable companies to use the full power of the cloud – both in the short and long term. Take advantage of our integration experience and extensive knowledge about cloud infrastructure and tools supporting the migration process.

This will ensure that your cloud transition strategy takes full advantage of the automation, scalability, flexibility and security benefits that the cloud offers, without incurring unnecessary costs or wasting time. You will gain the ability to deliver innovative services to your customers in a timely manner.

Migration to cloud
Migration to cloud


Infrastructure, platform and software as a cloud service tailored to your organization's needs

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are related terms. They mean respectively Infrastructure, Platform and Software delivered as a service in the cloud model. These are modern and flexible solutions that give wide possibilities of use, while ensuring high availability and security.

Deciding on IaaS, PaaS or SaaS you receive a scalable infrastructure resistant to failure, flexible platform to run software, or ready applications running on demand, and all this from any place in the world, available in a convenient subscription model tailored to your needs.


Hybrid Cloud

Build an efficient hybrid environment

Hybrid environment will allow you to comprehensively address customer constraints and requirements. As an integrator, we specialise in building such solutions on the basis of strengths of each element and adaptation of the new architecture to your current situation and needs related to further development.

Our role is not only to make the optimal choice and supply each component of the solution, but primarily to integrate them in a way which leads to synergy and ensures security on the whole.

Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid Cloud


Public cloud, private cloud, or maybe multiple clouds?

Multicloud strategy using different public cloud providers allows you to build solutions that draw the best features of each. When you add an on-premise environment, you get tremendous capabilities and freedom to create a data center.

However, while gaining greater reliability, flexibility and scalability, you must remember to provide the additional team expertise and consistent management layer needed to support multiple clouds.



Check Atende Business Cloud

Our proprietary solution, the Atende Business Cloud is a cloud for companies which demand top quality, created and run by experienced engineers in Poland, which meets the requirements of the Office of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Unlike large, global companies which provide public cloud services, we offer responsibility measured with high quality parameters and specific people appointed to respond to individual needs of customers. It is worth noting that data in the Atende Business Cloud is processed and stored solely within the territory of Poland.

Private Cloud
Private Cloud


Greater development agility, higher levels of security and lower software maintenance costs

DevOps is a relatively new approach to software creation, development, and quality assurance. In many companies, the questions "what is DevOps?" and "how to implement DevOps?" are still being asked.

The DevOps approach involves combining two separate teams - developers and the operations team - into a single entity. DevOps introduces a new model of work that eliminates the problems of dividing responsibilities between teams. Thanks to internal synergy and better communication, it is possible to deliver products to users faster, update them continuously and reduce the number of bugs and fixes.



Security of your data is our priority

Keeping your data with a cloud provider doesn't have to mean compromising on security. Data protection is a very important process in which there is no room for mistakes.

Atende takes security issues seriously. Our services and solutions of our partners are equipped with advanced defense mechanisms, supported by constant supervision of our specialists and engineers, and compliant with market standards and norms.

Cloud Security
Cloud Security


Total, intelligent observability of applications, IT and security environments

How do you ensure full control over application performance, digital infrastructure and end-user satisfaction, in today's complex multi-cloud world?

As a Dynatrace partner, we'll help you identify and remove bottlenecks in application performance and environments, regardless of the cloud provider you choose. Dynatrace gives you total visibility and built-in intelligence to ensure all business-critical IT areas are running smoothly and securely in the spirit of DevOps and SRE - reliability engineering.

Cloud Monitoring
Cloud Monitoring


Cost-effective, high-performing and efficient DRC for small and medium organisations

Disaster Recovery Center as a Service in a cloud is a proven solution for securing the IT continuity without the need to invest in an in-house Disaster Recovery Center.

DRaaS is a reliable way to ensure business continuity. The solution protects against downtime resulting from a serious breakdown or human error. At Atende, we have chosen a proven partner. Our DRaaS is powered by solutions provided by Microsoft.


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