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Customer: Maspex

Maspex is the largest Polish private food company and one of the largest companies in the food industry in Central and Eastern Europe. The company manufactures its products in 15 modern plants in Poland and abroad. Maspex was founded 30 years ago, and since then the company evolved into a major international player that successfully enters new markets. As early as in 2012, and as one of the first Polish companies, Maspex decided to start using the public cloud services on a serious scale.

Challenges faced by the Maspex Marketing Department

The Maspex Group every day works with a huge number of customers and products, in various business models. Therefore, it is very important to ensure a smooth operation and high availability of all websites representing the flagship brands of the manufacturer, regardless of the current network load, time of day or even time zone. For the company’s Marketing Department, the matter of key importance was the ability to launch new marketing campaigns in the shortest possible time and without having to invest in the equipment or infrastructure needed to build on-premise environments.


Atende’s engineering team suggested standardising all websites and transferring them to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. This approach has brought many benefits – investments in hardware and software to launch the websites are not needed anymore, and the resources are always readily available for the Marketing Department to put all its concepts into practice right away. This solution is highly scalable, which has advantages both when a campaign turns out to be highly successful and generates much traffic on the website, and afterwards – when the service can be simply terminated and all resources are released. Moreover, cloud services allowed changing the structure of IT expenditures and transferring them from the investment part (CAPEX) to the operating part (OPEX). This corresponds better to the structure of marketing costs and makes it easy to associate IT expenses with a specific marketing campaign. With a large number of websites and the frequency of launching them in AWS, Atende engineers had to structure the cloud architecture, the principles of creation and utilisation of resources, the compliance with established policies, and keeping costs under control. The Atende team currently supports all services operated in AWS and, in collaboration with Maspex, ensures that they are secure and efficient.


Swift launch of new websites

No hardware or software investments required

Operation of websites is always ensured irrespective of their popularity

IT expenses reduced and assigned to specific advertising campaigns

High level of website security

Changes occurring in the FMCG industry are kind of a driving force for the digital transformation at our company. One of the first transformation activities we implemented was the migration of some of our web services to a public cloud. The changes were initiated by the Marketing team, as they were first to see the benefits of using these solutions. In this area, we have been working with Atende for several years. They support us in ensuring efficient operation of our product and marketing campaign websites, which have been developed and managed usually on the AWS cloud platform.

Krzysztof Zajda
CIO, Maspex

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