Defence sector

We provide innovative solutions with the highest level of IT security

At Atende, we are aware of the challenges faced by the defence sector. Our team of certified specialists has been involved in the implementation of a number of complex projects for the defence sector for several years. We offer innovative solutions based on technology from the world’s leading manufacturers, as well as the provisioning of professional services stemming from experience.

We are humbled by the trust of customers who value our professional approach to the implementation of complex projects.



Guarantee of security
and accessibility

Atende has supported computerisation of the Polish Armed Forces by creating the Field Data Processing Center (FDPC) based on Cisco HyperFlex, a hyper-converged second generation platform that integrates disk resources, computing power and network.

FDCP is a mobile server room that is entirely independent from external infrastructure, equipped with its own means of transport, power supply and cooling, and designed according to the “security by design” principle which is confirmed by a number of certificates.



Choose scalable and
reliable solutions

Benefit from our experience and opt for cooperation with a qualified team of engineers with unique competencies in network design, including construction of operator and corporate networks (WAN, LAN, WLAN) and implementation of the following SDN (Software-Defined Networking) solutions: SD-WAN, Data Center Networking and Cisco SD – Access.

We also offer comprehensive solutions taking into account network operation as well as continuous network management services: Atende Managed Network Service. We implement advanced network analytics systems, including Edge Intelligence solutions that provide information analytics and processing on the network edge



Opt for efficiency,
reliability and security

Ensure efficiency and reliability to your company thanks to appropriate system solutions that are tailored to your business. We will help you select the right solutions that will ensure a consistent, scalable and efficient IT environment.

Benefit from our expertise and cooperation with the leading suppliers of virtualisation, backup and data storage, management and security solutions. We will provide advice on how to improve the efficiency of IT infrastructure thanks to converged and hyper-converged solutions.



Improve security
and data accessibility

Choose a reliable partner with experience and competencies in designing, constructing and equipping a professional data center. We guarantee a high level of security and the highest level of service availability.

Benefit from our expertise on uninterrupted power supply systems and low-current installations and protect your company from financial and reputational losses.



Benefit from the highest level of IT security

Take advantage of efficient solutions ensuring IT security to your company: protection of data, endpoints, electronic mail and safeguards in the network and on its edge.

Opt for solutions that allow for security management and smart incident analysis to identify threats and take appropriate actions more efficiently. Our proprietary Security Suite service will make it possible to meet the requirements of the Act on the National Cybersecurity System (NCS) and strengthen your protection system.



Ensure continuity of operation

Opt for cooperation with an experienced team of engineers which boasts successful completion of a number of challenging projects that are key for the development of networks used across Poland. Our projects always begin with a detailed analysis of customer needs and possible alternative solutions.

By developing the right plan and selecting appropriate solutions, we will adapt the optimal business model to meet the challenges faced by your organisation.

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