We preparing IT for the 31st GOCC Grand Finale

We are proud to support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity!

The number of people who get involved in the Foundation's activities is growing every year. More and more of these people are looking for information on the GOCC website, and the donation amount raised via the Internet has already exceeded the amount of donations collected in collection boxes.

For more than 10 years, Atende has played a critical role in providing smoothly operating IT systems required to conduct the Grand Finale.

We provide a state-of-the-art multi-cloud environment (Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Atende Business Cloud), coordinate all IT activities and provide security thanks to the proprietary Atende Security Suite service on a pro publico bono basis.

The novelties used as part of the 31st GOCC Grand Finale are the preparation of a Cloud environment and the implementation of the proprietary Atende Security Suite service. These solutions are meant to address cybersecurity risks and create a flexible environment that is tailored to accommodate expected traffic. This is of major importance, as during the 30th GOCC Grand Finale, as much as 56.91% of the overall proceeds were raised through electronic channels.

What exactly do we do for the Foundation?


We guarantee readiness to seamlessly serve donors and more than one million unique users of the GOCC website during the Grand Finale week. We ensure operation based on a multi-cloud environment plus website hosting by means of high-performance infrastructure in a cloud model. On the occasion of the 31st GOCC Grand Finale, we have prepared a multi-cloud environment based on the Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Atende Business Cloud services. Our goal is to ensure scalability and reliability of the IT infrastructure during the Grand Finale. A hybrid cloud guarantees continuous uptime in the event of int. al. extraordinary traffic, the handling of which requires a sufficient volume of resources available in real time. This makes it possible to flexibly and promptly respond to sudden surges in the website load, e.g. during the closing auction of the Most Generous Donors, i.e. the GOCC Golden Hearts.


We guard the security of the IT network and systems in the virtual office of the GOCC during the Grand Finale in Warsaw. The environment is effectively protected thanks to devices provided by Exclusive Networks, including Next Generation Firewall solutions. Network traffic is encrypted, plus we use a dedicated Anti-DDoS system, as well as an intrusion detection and prevention system. The entire cybersecurity system of the GOCC's IT infrastructure is supervised by the proprietary Atende Security Suite service using a Polish NDR probe from Cryptomage. All infrastructure events are constantly logged and analysed. More than 1500 different parameters affecting the availability of the GOCC sites are monitored. Atende Security Suite proactively detects and prevents malicious activity in the IT infrastructure and responds immediately to security incidents.


We create and manage the virtual GOCC office at the Grand Finale venue in Warsaw. The office is based on the construction of a local and vast computer network using reliable network equipment provided by Cisco, our long-standing partner.


We coordinate IT aspects of all activities of the companies involved in the preparation of the GOCC Grand Finale. Engineer teams from Atende work intensively at the GOCC camp already a week before the Grand Finale, providing all the employees and volunteers with IT support and services at the highest level.

We play until the end of the world and one day longer!

195 000 000
data from the 30th GOCC Grand Finale

GOCC in the Atende cloud

The Atende Business Cloud service guarantees continuous uptime of systems, thanks to int. al. high flexibility.


Atende Business Cloud