We drive IT for GOCC!



Year by year, there are significantly more people interested in making a donation and obtaining information on the purpose of the collection and the activity of the GOCC (the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, pl. WOŚP) More and more people are searching for this information on Foundation’s websites. The number of people making a donation to the Orchestra over the Internet or the phone is growing as well. Already for the eighth year in a row, Atende is responsible for this increasingly important role connected with providing well-functioning information systems which are necessary to conduct the Finale. Our company coordinates all the IT activities on a pro publico bono basis.

What exactly do we do for the Foundation?

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We coordinate all IT activities of eight organisations involved in the preparation of the GOCC Finale from the IT aspect. Engineer teams from Atende work intensively for the GOCC at Theatre Square already a week before the Finale, providing all the employees and volunteers with IT support and services at the highest level.

Cloud Computing


We guarantee readiness to provide support for nearly one million unique users of the GOCC website as well as to handle several hundred million enquiries on the day of the Finale. Moreover, we ensure trouble-free operation with the hosting of the website based on our own, high-performance infrastructure in a cloud model entitled Atende Business Cloud (IaaS). For many years, Atende Medica has provided software for auction of Gold Hearts during the GOCC Finale.

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We create and manage the virtual GOCC office at Plac Defilad in Warsaw. The basis is the construction of local and vast computer network using structural cabling provided by the Airtel company. Due to the connection provided to the GOCC Foundation by the Atman operator, we ensure reliable Internet access for all volunteers, employees and organisations cooperating with the GOCC on the day of the Finale.

Cloud Computing


During the Finale, each donor can make a video conversation with a GOCC consultant via their web browser and feel an amazing atmosphere of the studio! The only thing they need to do is to visit the website https://video.atende.pl/call/wosp-licytacje. This is possible thanks to the Cisco IP videophones with the Jabra headsets. We also take care of the donors’ safety – each call may be verified due to the ZOOM CallREC.ru recording system.

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We protect the security of IT networks and systems in the virtual office of the GOCC at Plac Defilad. Our priority is to ensure the continuity of the GOCC website’s operation in order to enable the fluency of donors’ service, also during the climactic auction of Gold Hearts which is secured via application from the Ora-600 company. We implement comprehensive solutions for the security of networks and systems thanks to devices provided by Veracomp.

We play until the end of the world and one day more!


Cloud Computing