As Atende, we are coordinating cybersecurity at the 31st GOCC Grand Finale


For twelve years now, during its annual fundraiser Grand Finale, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation has been using the support provided pro publico bono by Atende SA, who, together with its technology partners, ensures the IT infrastructure needed to effectively and securely hold the Grand Finale. Aiming at raising the largest possible amount that shall serve to support the Polish healthcare system, the Foundation readily employs new communication channels and innovative technological solutions. And this is important in view of their increasing significance for the total raised sum of donations – during last year’s Grand Finale, as much as 56.9% of the proceeds were obtained via electronic channels.

“The Grand Finale is a big and recognizable event. One day, thousands of beautiful events. For this to happen, reliable IT infrastructure is a must. It has been provided by Atende for a number of years, who has ensured the quality of security measures at the same time, so that the 31st GOCC Grand Finale could go smoothly. Many thanks for that!” said Jurek Owsiak.


“I’m incredibly happy with the continued development of our cooperation with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. For a number of years, to ensure the smooth performance of the Grand Finale, the team of Atende engineers has applied the top-notch Cisco network equipment. On top of that, this year we complement our cloud services that have been provided for 10 years, i.a. based on Oracle, with the Google Cloud Platform service, and to respond to the increasing number of cyber security threats, we complement our support with our proprietary Atende Security Suite service and the NDR system provided by Polish company Cryptomage,” informed Marcin Petrykowski, the CEO of Atende SA.


Together with its partners, Atende actively supports the GOCC Grand Finale by being responsible for the comprehensive operation of the IT infrastructure: starting from installing the local network in the event village at Plac Defilad Square and connecting it with the internet via top-class Cisco equipment, through making available multi-cloud environment based on the Atende Business Cloud and Google Cloud Platform solutions, ending up with monitoring the IT infrastructure and ensuring its security. IT backbone infrastructure during the 31st GOCC Grand Finale will be closely monitored via SIEM and EDR systems performed by Atende Security Suite and NDR services, provided by Cryptomage, ensuring thus the full SOC Visibility Triad.


“In terms of technology, the Grand Finale is an utmost complex event – a number of systems, clouds or services. To ensure their reliable operation, it is important to ensure proper preparation, testing, communications with service providers and continuous enhancing of the IT infrastructure security. Atende not only understands it, but also actively strives for ensuring the top quality and fail-safety of the final back-end”, says Jerzy Ochnio, Foundation IT Coordinator.


The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation is the biggest non-profit organisation that has supported the Polish healthcare system for over 30 years. Over the years, the GOCC Grand Finale, grew to be the major charity event in the Polish internet. During last year’s GOCC Grand Finale, within 24 hours, 19.7 TB of data was transferred, over 195 million requests and over 1.2 million unique users were recorded.


Detailed information on Atende’s support for the 31st GOCC Grand Finale can be found on the dedicated website: We make IT tick for the 31st GOCC Grand Finale (