Very good results of Atende Group in 2020


As of the end of 2020, Atende Group generated very good financial results, which are much better than in the previous year. To a large extent, such a good result is connected with one-time events, in particular the sale of shares in the subsidiary – Atende Software. However, even excluding the impact of one-time events, there was a significant improvement in the performance of both the dominant company and the Corporate Group as a whole. In total, including one-time events, PLN 38.2 million of net profit was generated in 2020 in the consolidated account (an increase of 215% y/y), and PLN 50.4 million of net profit was generated in the separate account (an increase of 259%) in 2020. On the other hand, excluding the impact of one-time events, Atende Group has improved its performance from PLN 12.4 million of pre-tax profit in 2019 to PLN 17.6 million in 2020 (an increase of 42%), while the parent company has noted an increase in pre-tax profit from PLN 5.2 million to PLN 8.9 million (an increase of 71% y/y).

In sector terms, the best results were obtained from the sector of telecommunication and media, which is crucial for Atende. In 2020, revenue from the most stable group of Atende’s customers, i.e. mobile operators, amounted to PLN 59.5 million as compared to PLN 50.8 million in the previous year, which represents an increase of 17% y/y.

– Restrictions caused by the pandemic resulted in the reduction of revenue from many market sectors, but in connection with increased remote working and rapid growth of the Internet traffic, as well as preparations being made by operators for the introduction of 5G technology, the telecommunication sector was our driving force in 2020. We are also glad that the value of our specialized services was appreciated by mobile operators – Roman Szwed, CEO of Atende S.A., says. 

The past year was also another year of intensive pro-development activities. In 2020, Atende's parent company developed competencies both in new challenges facing telecommunication operators in 5G technology and in blockchain technology enabling the digitalization of processes in the financial sector in particular. Atende managed to win dozens of clients from the financial sector, including banks and insurance companies. The proposed solutions allow to eliminate paper from communication with customers and turn the outlets of financial institutions into truly digital branches.

At the end of 2020, the activity section related to IT systems for the power industry was separated from Atende Software for a newly formed company called Atende Industries. The company develops, among other things, platform, which supports the implementation and management of energy clusters, and platform related to intelligent robotics. Phoenix Systems, on the other hand, dynamically develops new projects of smart gas and electricity meters in cooperation with companies from Apator Group on the basis of a unique tool in the IoT area, which is the proprietary real time operating system – Phoenix-RTOS. A2 Customer Care dealt with comprehensive implementation but also development of tools in the area of specialist solutions for ERP class and billing, mainly on the basis of SAP solutions.

– We are optimistic about the future because we are able to provide innovative technologies for Industry 4.0, and our technologies are in no way inferior to those offered by global suppliers. Thanks to the long-standing development of our offer, we are now also one of the few Polish companies that is ready to comprehensively meet the challenges facing the necessary modernization and development of the Polish energy technology in the area of Smart Grid – Roman Szwed emphasizes.