Very good results for Atende Group in 2015


In 2015, Atende Group reported an improvement in all main items of the income statement. Additionally, a series of pro-development activities were performed, and their results will provide a strong foundation for continued growth.

Consolidated sales revenue for 2015 increased by 32% to PLN 273,049 thousand, gross profit on sales by 16% to PLN 64,023 thousand, EBITDA profit by 5% to PLN 20,865 thousand and net profit by 24% to PLN 10,250 thousand. The increases came mainly from Atende, which in 2015 reported an improvement in all main items of the income statement. Unit sales revenue increased by 42% to PLN 239,077 thousand, gross profit on sales grew by 21% to PLN 42,867 thousand, and EBITDA profit by 78% to PLN 15,916. In spite of significantly lower dividends received from subsidiaries in 2015 (PLN 1,580 thousand vs. PLN 2,900 thousand in 2014), Atende’s net profit amounted to PLN 9,889 thousand, which represents a y/y increase by 91%. The total contribution of subsidiaries to the consolidated results was lower than in the previous year, which mainly results from the fact that these companies incurred significant costs and organisational burdens due to significant pro-development efforts.

It is worth noting that in 2015, the Atende Group’s sales were largely affected by the public sector, where revenues increased by 116% y/y to PLN 119,071 thousand. The situation in other business sectors was stable, and the sales revenue was similar to the one earned in the previous year.

′The financial results of the Atende Group in 2015 are very pleasing, in particular taking into account the amount of development work which had been undertaken in the companies within the Group. All this work slowed down the pace of growth of the Group’s revenue in 2015, but at the same time it will provide a sound foundation for dynamic increase in the future. Atende is all about innovation. We create solutions to revolutionise the energy industry, telecommunications and cybersecurity,′ said Roman Szwed, CEO of Atende S.A.

2015 was a period of intense development for the Atende Group. The most important development projects carried out by Atende Software in the area of energy included the design of a state-of-the-art electricity meter and the expansion of software systems for intelligent power networks (Smart Grid). Development activities were also focused on IT security systems, as well as a number of multimedia content distribution solutions. In addition to a major extension of the software platform for local government units, the company also acquired proprietary copyrights in competitive applications and system from Sygnity S.A. Thanks to that, Sputnik Software has become a software market leader for local government units in Poland. The other companies from the Group have also been developing their products and services.

In December 2015, Atende signed an agreement to purchase 60% of shares in Energy Data Lab. The acquired company specialises in advanced analysis of large amounts of data from different sources, i.e. in the Big Data technology. Thanks to the acquisition, the Group has expanded its offer for the energy sector with further innovative services.