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The main reason for using IT outsourcing is savings. It is difficult to talk today about a well-functioning company if it does not operate properly and it is often difficult and expensive to build the right competences in an internal IT team. TrustIT addresses these challenges by providing professional care for both workstations and servers, arrays and the entire network.

Discover the benefits of remote and direct 24/7/365 administration of IT systems. No matter where your office is located, you can take advantage of our convenient and secure remote helpdesk for users. We also offer IT service in Łódź, Warsaw, Katowice and Gliwice.

It does not matter whether you work in a small or large enterprise – we will help you plan, design and execute IT activities. When you entrust us with your IT resources, we will help prevent IT failures in your business, reduce the time it takes to resolve malfunctions and help your internal system users work smoothly.

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Daily IT support

In TrustIT, we offer daily IT support via a dedicated helpdesk providing immediate remote assistance when equipment or program issues occur. We design it networks, support related devices, and integrate local networks of a company to create global links. We handle servers, including their configuration and administration. Your MS Exchange server is administered by us, which means that we ensure the security of your corporate e-mail data and correct set-up of your mailboxes. We integrate software, applications, and telephones into IP telephony support to improve the performance of every Call Center. At the same time we ensure that our services are performed efficiently and that the actions taken bring real benefits to our customers. Check out our offer!

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Michał Połowiński, President of the Management Board, Trust IT
Michał Połowiński

President of the Management Board

Michał Mendakiewicz, Vice President of the Management Board, Trust IT
Michał Mendakiewicz

Vice President of the Management Board

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