Sputnik Software concludes agreement with Ministry of Finance


The 4-year agreement made with the ministry comprises maintenance of BeSTi@ and SJO BeSTi@ IT systems, including services of technical assistance, as well as introducing adaptations and changes in systems used to managing budgets of all local government units in Poland and their organizational units. The total contract value is close on PLN 9.5 million gross. Sputnik Software joins the Atende Capital Group.

BeSTi@ system is used by more than 3 thousand local government units and inter-commune associations, 16 regional chambers of audit and the Ministry of Finance. At the same time, the number of institutions authorized to use SJO BeSTI@ system is estimated to be approx. 45 thousand. BeSTI@ and SJO BeSTi@ have been co-produced by Sputnik Software. They build an integrated system of two-way exchange of data related to budget plans and reports, redistribution of central funds and control of local government units' finance. The systems are currently utilised by more than ten thousand users throughout Poland and the amount of subventions redistributed via BeSTi@ system fluctuates around PLN 50 billion per annum.

Sputnik Software Sp. z o.o. is a producer of software for public sector units in Poland with particular focus on local government. The company offers proprietary solutions under the brand name ′Nowoczesny Urząd′ (′Modern Office′). They comprise all functional areas of institutions and enable the users to manage processes related to circulation of electronic documents as well as budget, finance, accounting, taxes, local fees, and the substantial processes carried out by offices pursuant to legal regulations in force.