SAS Visual Analytics as a service — new product from Atende


Atende, a leading integrator of IT solutions, presented its new product — a world-class SAS analytics in the form of a service available on the spot, without any investments in infrastructure or licences. The software available in its new form can be ordered at:

SaaSDirect is based on the SAS Visual Analytics (SAS VA) application operating on the Atende Business Cloud platform. SAS VA is one of the best solutions on the market for analysing and visualising data used for decision-making processes, forecasting and development of innovative services and products. It enables its users to quickly use the analyses, discover actual reasons for the existing phenomena and make the best business decisions.

This service is available virtually on the spot, in the pay-as-you-go settlement model. The payment is made exclusively on the basis of actually used resources. The use of SAS VA in this model does not require any additional investments in hardware. It does not involve signing any long-term contract.

— SAS Visual Analytics makes it possible to extract from company data information which is indispensable in business terms. Owing to that, our customers will be able to make proper decisions and focus on what really matters to them. The entire solution functions on our proprietary cloud platform ensuring not only continuous operation, but also high security level — says Jacek Ferchmin, Sales Director at Atende S.A.