Sale of shares in Atende Medica


On January 21st, 2021 a share purchase agreement for shares in Atende Medica has been concluded between Atende and Konsultant IT.

Atende sold all its shares in Atende Medica — 69.91% of shares in the Company — for PLN 1,200 thousand. Additionally, the Buyer will repay Atende Medica’s debts, enabling mBank S.A. to close the credit limit granted to Atende Medica up to PLN 2,800 PLN, guaranteed by Atende, and will assume PLN 471 thousand of bank guarantees issued by mBank S.A. to Atende Medica within the Atende’s account.

The purpose of the sale is to exit the difficult segment of public market, which is health care, and to focus on other directions of development that are more prospective for Atende.