Record sales of the Atende Group in the 3rd quarter of 2015


In the third quarter of this year the Atende Group generated record quarterly sales and higher profit levels than the year before. Also, in 3 quarters of this year, the Group reported an improvement in all main items of the income statement.

At the consolidated level in the 3rd quarter of 2015 sales revenue amounted to PLN 93,740 thousand (up by 98% y/y) and gross profit on sales increased to achieve PLN 16,718 thousand (up by 27% y/y). The increase in gross profit significantly exceeded the increase in general and administrative costs (12% y/y), thanks to which increases in profitability were recorded, EBITDA increased by 45% y/y to PLN 5,820 thousand, and net profit by 62% y/y to PLN 3,702 thousand.

Good quarterly results significantly affected the results of three quarters ytd. Consolidated sales revenue increased by 56% to PLN 189,449 thousand, gross profit on sales by 23% to PLN 40,315 thousand, EBITDA profit by 17% to PLN 8,513 thousand and net profit by 172% to PLN 2,053 thousand.

The increases achieved, both in the third quarter and over the first three quarters, are mainly attributable to Atende. Company sales revenue increased, respectively by 107% y/y to PLN 85,806 thousand, up by 66% y/y reaching PLN 166,283 thousand, and the net profit by 199% y/y to PLN 3,605 thousand and up by 105% y/y to PLN 2,932 thousand. A significant increase in stand-alone profit for the three quarters was achieved in spite of significantly lower dividends received from subsidiaries in 2015 (PLN 1,580 thousand vs. PLN 2,900 thousand in 2014).

It is worth noting that in the first three quarters the Group’s sales was largely affected by the public sector, where revenues increased by 176% y/y to PLN 66,096 thousand. This increase is due to the performance of a number of contracts concluded with the Ministry of National Defence for the development and implementation of data centres, data processing and archiving centres (a contract with a gross value of PLN 66.4 million, signed in the 2nd quarter of this year) and for the delivery of network equipment together with services (a consortium contract with the participation of Atende, with a gross value of PLN 20.2 million, signed in the 3rd quarter of this year) and contracts with Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna [Military University of Technology] for the delivery of a comprehensive data processing centre and the development of a modern campus network (contracts with a total gross value of PLN 8.6 million, signed in the 2nd quarter of this year). In the telecommunications and media sector the sales increased by 28% y/y, while in the sectors of industry, commerce and services, and finance the revenue was at the level of the previous year.