Record profit and income of Atende Group in 2017


In 2017, the Atende Group delivered the best results in its history — net consolidated profit amounted to PLN 12.7 m, which means an increase by 20% year on year. The consolidated sales revenue increased y/y by 38% and amounted to PLN 290.6 m. Higher sales were reported by both subsidiaries (by 53% y/y) and the parent company, Atende (by 37% y/y).

— In 2017, we delivered significantly higher sales in nearly all reported sectors, including a 13% increase in sales in our key sector of telecommunications and media. The greatest increase of sales of the Atende Group in the entire year 2017 — by 119% y/y — was recorded in the public sector. This follows from the execution of the company’s strategic assumption to participate only in the most technically complex ICT projects. We completed such projects, among others, for the defence sector — says Roman Szwed, President of the Management Board of Atende S.A. — Finally, we have seen tenders on the local and regional self-government markets also starting and bids by Sputnik Software and Atende Medica won.

We should also emphasise the reinforcement of the position of Atende on its key market of telecommunications and media operators, where consolidated sales amounted to PLN 105.6 m. Revenue from sales to the public sector amounted to PLN 115.5 m.

2017 was another year in which the significance of subsidiaries and their products and services in the Atende Group increased. Revenue from sales of all subsidiaries amounted to PLN 66 m and EBITDA reached PLN 12.5 m in comparison with PLN 6.6 m in the previous year, which means an increase by 91%. EBITDA of subsidiaries in 2017 constituted 48.7% of the EBITDA of the whole Atende Group. The biggest sales revenue, amounting to PLN 26 m (increase by 72% y/y), was recorded by Sputnik Software, which took advantage of the period of revival on the market of IT solutions for local and regional self-government. As usual, the biggest profit (PLN 4 m) was generated by Atende Software, which is the leader on the market of online distribution of multimedia content in Poland. It should be noted that for the first time in several years, a positive net result (PLN 0.5 m) was achieved by Atende Medica, which operates on the tough market of IT solutions for entities in the medical sector.

The great result of subsidiaries makes us very happy because it shows that we can grow also on the basis of our own, specialist software and solutions dedicated for the selected segments of the market — stresses Roman Szwed.

In 2017, the consolidated margin on sales of subscription-based services was at the level similar to the previous year and amounted to PLN 38.3 m, covering 47% of the overhead costs of the entire Group.

We carefully follow the global trend of customers’ shifting focus from efficacy of the infrastructure to measurable quality of services supporting business. Together with the 2017 Report, we are also publishing Strategic assumptions of Atende Group for the years 2018–2019, which will show how we mean to further develop our business in this direction — says Roman Szwed.