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Outsourcing IT & Managed Services

We offer more than 100 services to be chosen from Atende’s Services Catalogue

Managed Services is one of the fastest growing tendencies in the IT world. Economic aspects are not its only reason. In many respects, services provided by third parties can be of higher quality than those provided by internal resources. In case of Atende, high quality is ensured by a team of over 50 engineers involved in maintenance processes. For over 25 years, our company have been dealing with the implementation of leading technologies on a regular basis. Thanks to introduction of our services, internal IT teams can better meet the demands of business. Such teams may undergo a transformation from units providing maintenance services to strategic units focusing e.g. on product development.

As one of the few companies in Poland, we provide on the basis of a professional Service Catalogue. Our Catalogue contains over 100 of them: from guaranteed power supply and air conditioning services, through ICT infrastructure, to organisational support for IT teams. For every service a procedure is assigned, by a reporting system.

We know how to demonstrate measurable effects of IT services’ work to our clients by defining appropriate KPIs, e.g. in terms of performance or security. Continuous monitoring and automatic settlement of the service quality takes place through the Atende Monitoring System.

Business effects

Why Atende?

  • High SLA, including KPI (99%) for devices/systems and services from the Atende’s Service Catalogue
  • Clear and legible Service Catalogue
  • Experience in conducting classified projects
  • Monitoring status of business applications
  • Professional monitoring system for e.g. automatic settlement of service quality
  • Dedicated team of over 50 professionals
  • Wide range of services and technologies

Sample services from Atende Service Catalogue

Added Services Layer

  • Client Service desk (24/7)
  • Client service III Line of Support 
  • Active Monitoring
  • Client procedures realized by Atende
  • Passive Monitoring
  • Audits / Consultations
  • Trouble-shootinh
  • Helpdesk - services of Atende daughter company TrustIT

System Services Layer

  • OS: Linux, Unix, Microsoft
  • Advanced network servcies
  • Maintanance of DNS, DHCP, AD, etc.
  • Servers: aplications, FS, PS, etc.
  • Security
  • Backup: HP DP, TSM
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Services (IaaS, DRC, etc.)

Hardware Services Layer

  • Electric power generators 
  • Servers (all types)
  • UPS
  • Storage (all types)
  • Data Center
  • Networking devices 
  • Security
  • Cisco Partner Services

Cloud Services Layer

  • IaaS 
  • FWaaS
  • Backup
  • Archiving 
  • Monitoring
  • Remote access


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