30 years of experience in network integration

Atende is the leading network and IT systems integrator in Poland.



Network integration

Our engineers successfully connected the first Polish companies to the Internet at the beginning of 1990s. We have always taken up the most difficult technology challenges to enable our customers in meeting their business needs.

We’re one of the leading Polish IT integrators. We have considerable experience in IT integration, including construction of operator and corporate networks, Data Center networks, campus networks and WAN networks. We offer our clients comprehensive solutions concerning a network design, construction and operation as well as permanent IT network management services.

Operator networks

We’ve been cooperating with telecommunication companies for almost 30 years. During that time, operator networks have been changing as frequently as telecom offers have, together with the market development and new communication methods. We’ve together recognized and implemented solutions based on many technologies but, regardless of the tools used, we know that an operator network must be reliable, resizable and safe. Our team of engineers has excellent qualifications and wide experience in the EPC (Evolved Packet Core) projects. We build solutions taking into account specific needs of the telecommunication sector concerning users management, monitoring a network and settlement of services. There are new challenges and projects yet to come for us and we’re preparing for them in advance. We’re expecting another revolution together with the arrival of the 5G technology. We’re ready for that. Are you?

Data Center networks

A growing amount of data, omnipresent virtualization of computational resources and increasing popularity of container solutions are the reasons why Data Center networks must be changing. Not only should they be faster, but also smarter. Otherwise, they will no longer be manageable and safe. The SDN (Software-Defined Network) solutions are the answer to these challenges. We’re a pioneer in implementation of networks based on the Cisco ACI technology. Our strength is a comprehensive approach to Data Center, which takes into account not only the aspect of network but also computational and disk resources provided on the basis of converged and hyper-converged infrastructure.

LAN/WLAN (campus) networks

How are we supposed to deal with an increasing amount of data and a growing number of threats in corporate networks? We build modern IT networks adjusted to current requirements of users on the basis of the solutions ensuring comprehensive, safe and unified communication between users and applications, both in wired and wireless networks. We specialize in the Cisco DNA solutions, which work for enterprises of any size and regardless of the kind of their activity, providing users with a comfort of smooth communication.

WAN networks

The number of cloud applications used in enterprises is growing all the time. If we link it to the huge number of devices in the network and increasing popularity of video content, it will turn out that traditional WAN networks based on MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) are not only expensive but they are also becoming a dangerously ineffective bottleneck for communication, which is even worse. On the other hand, increasing reliability of data transmission based on the Internet network, which is much less expensive than the MPLS network, provides completely new possibilities for building WAN solutions. We implement the SD-WAN solutions which allow a smart use of connections of various quality, at the same time maintaining the required level of network efficiency and availability, and also significantly reduce a total cost of the WAN network.

Atende Managed Network Service

If you are looking for professional support in the area of the IT network management but you don’t have enough time to aid the business in implementing new solutions and have a problem with getting a team of administrators with appropriate qualifications, we offer our help. We provide comprehensive services of permanent IT network management in the area of WAN, LAN/WLAN and Data Center. We work using both the clients’ infrastructure and our own equipment. We take over the responsibility for IT networks operation, providing our clients with a guarantee that the networks will work effectively and safely.

Professional services

Our highest value is an experienced team of engineers who completed numerous successful IT projects for medium-sized and large enterprises and institutions. Our implementation projects always include a detailed analysis of the clients’ needs as well as possible solutions. We think that the basic condition for the success of implementation consists in an appropriate action plan and choosing a proper solution which solves specific problems of our clients.

Case study: OST 112

We built the National ICT Network to handle the 112 (OST 112) emergency number – the most significant ICT project for the public sector in Poland, completed on time and within the planned budget. A modern, multi-service carrier-grade network was established, which is able to transmit data, voice and video, connecting more than 900 locations.



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