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Blockchain is a “chain of blocks of data”, a manner of recording information in a database (e.g. transaction data), in the form of subsequent blocks. Each block contains a reference to the previous block, making the chain unbreakable. The database is shared via a public or private computer network.


Rys. Nierozerwalność zapisów w blokach


Each computer node within the network stores a copy of the database, so there is no single failure point. Each piece of information is mathematically encrypted before it is added to the chain of historical records as a new block.

Hence, transactions in the blockchain are irreversible and fully secured. It is impossible to make any changes to historical data due to the fact that the same copies of the whole chain are stored on different servers distributed around the network. The history of the records in a blockchain technology-based database can be viewed and verified, which enables auditing and builds up trust.


Atende ChainDoc

Based on the blockchain technology Atende created a revolutionary ChainDoc solution.

The Atende technology makes it possible to determine definitively that a given digital transaction or event occurred. In the case of digitally printed document it means the certainty that it cannot be changed and was published at the specified time and by the indicated institution.

The Atende solution meets the challenge of communication with the customer through a durable medium, to which banks and financial institutions are obliged under the applicable law. Customers must have 24/7 access to the sent information, such as new pricing or table of fees, with a guarantee that they cannot be changed. .

Product characteristics

Key attributes

  • Safety based on cryptography
  • Durability of data and its unchangeable character
  • Diffuse architecture (network) increasing the level of data security and availability
  • Transparency of transactions

Key benefits

  • Elimination of intermediaries and unnecessary processes
  • Cost reduction
  • Potential additional income streams



Atende ChainRepo

ChainRepo is a solution for digitizing paper documents. It can function both as an extension of the ChainDoc service, as well as an independent module for handling the circulation of documents in the company, providing the possibility to eliminate the paper carrier. The permanent security of documents on the basis of the blockchain mechanisms ChainDoc) may also be supplemented with the recording of documents in the WORM as a Service or WORM matrix, giving the possibility of resigning from paper archives.

Product characteristics

  • Smooth functioning of the application, possibility of integration with customer's systems
  • Digitisation, OCR, indexing of historical documents
  • Easy integration with own IT solutions (Rest API)

Key benefits

  • Flexible financial models
  • No necessity to keep paper archives
  • No necessity to maintain staff servicing paper archives
  • Supporting the entire contracting process in a digital manner
  • Integration with CRM / ERP systems


WORM as a Service

A perfect addition to the ChainDoc service is a technical solution which meets the requirements of WORM technology (Write Once Read Many), but in service model – WORM as a service. Together with the partner – the company EXEA, a technical environment has been designed and constructed, where customers may deposit their data, for a specified retention time, after which they may manage that information by exercising their rights under the GDPR.

The security of the data entrusted is ensured by the cryptographic mechanisms specific to the blockchain technology, as well as physical storage of data within the territory of the Republic of Poland in facilities which meet the highest in Poland TIER III certification level.

Product characteristics

  • Unique solution – service model
  • Possibility of self-management of information by the final customer of the instituting using the service (the right to forget the GDPR)
  • The blockchain engine as a guarantor of expected functionality of WORM
  • Easy integration with own IT solutions (Rest API)

Key benefits

  • One-off fee for the entire data storage period
  • No necessity to build own infrastructure, servicing, backup copy making, scaling
  • Possibility of passing the administration of the data on to the final customer


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