Phoenix Systems successfully expands on international power market


Phoenix Systems, a Polish company of Atende Group, created Phoenix-PRIME solution and had it certified in co-operation with international company Freescale. The Polish product will be used to design smart energy meters. Phoenix-PRIME has already caught the eye of meter producers in Europe and Asia.

Contemporary power industry strives to introduce innovative Smart Grid solutions, where Power Line Communication plays an important role. PLC ensures measuring data transmission between smart meters and power suppliers. PLC operates in accordance with e.g. PRIME standard, which has already been implemented in more than 10 countries all over the world, including Spain, Brazil and Australia. Polish Company Phoenix Systems has implemented that standard in an exceptional manner: it is the only company on the market that has devised an entirely software-based implementation called Phoenix-PRIME designed for microcontrollers.

Thanks to Phoenix-PRIME, the number of hardware components used in Smart Grid devices can be reduced and replaced with software solutions. As regards production, the construction is simplified by the effective use of standard microcontrollers. Last October, Phoenix-PRIME Board obtained a global certificate, and thus it could be presented to foreign clients more easily. Until now, a lot of companies implemented the PRIME standard only with the use of dedicated SoC (System-on-a-chip) integrated circuits, consisting of a digital signal processor implementing physical layer and application processor implementing higher layers. What is innovative about Phoenix Systems's product is that PRIME was implemented as software for a simple general-purpose processor. That gives the client an effective, open and inexpensive solution.

At present, the company is working on a new PLC standard, Phoenix-G3.