Phoenix Systems starts cooperation with Freescale


Phoenix Systems has entered in an agreement with Freescale a leader in embedded processing solutions.

Within this agreement Phoenix Systems has developed a pure software implementation of the PRIME PLC communication protocol for Freescale Kinetis family of microcontrollers (initially K21), which upon the completion of the certification process, will be offered to the largest manufacturers of Smart Grid equipment in the world.

Freescale headquartered in Austin, Texas, is one of TOP 100 Global Innovators, operating for over 50 years in 20 countries. 

Phoenix Systems is technological start up founded in 2011, developing software products around its real time operating system Phoenix-RTOS. The company long - term target is to become a global technological brand  and a partner for major semiconductor corporations in the world, completing their offer of microcontrollers and processors with Phoenix-RTOS and software stacks to create new products for different sectors of the global Internet of Things market.