Phoenix Systems implements another PLC protocol


Contemporary power industry abandons traditional, centralised production systems where energy is generated in power plants and switches to decentralised systems where prosumers and renewable energy sources play a significant role. This requires better management of transmission infrastructure and monitoring energy flow accurate to one recipient. Exchange of information constitutes the foundation for contemporary energy networks called Smart Grid, and the communication channel is often provided by means of the existing power lines and modern PLC protocols.

Our company, Phoenix Systems, is part of PRIME Alliance and already has implemented PLC PRIME standard popular in many European countries and in Asia. Phoenix-PRIME implementation is unique on the market as it is fully software-based. This allows the operators to change the functionalities of the meter merely through software tools, without the need to change the device's construction. The solution obtained a global certificate, which made it possible to present the product to foreign clients. Phoenix Systems aims to introduce a similar solution to countries that have decided to use G3-PLC standard. Phoenix-G3 will be a full implementation of the protocol containing all layers (PHY, MAC and 6LoWPAN). Similarly to Phoenix-PRIME, Phoenix-G3 is unique because it is implemented in the form of software for a simple general-purpose processor. Thanks to that, producers of such devices as smart meters will be able to adjust their work more easily, without the need to introduce any hardware modifications. Moreover, it will be possible to integrate Phoenix-G3 with producer's own software and to launch it all on one processor. Phoenix-G3 implementation will be compatible with hardware platform on which Phoenix-PRIME is now working.

- Phoenix-G3 implementation uses the components developed within the framework of Phoenix-PRIME implementation and the experience gained at that time. This will allow Phoenix-G3 solution to be rolled out within a few months - says Paweł Pisarczyk, the founder and President of the Management Board of Phoenix Systems.

Phoenix Systems plans to make Phoenix-G3 available to device manufacturers as soon as in Q3 2015. Another novelty in the product range will include proprietary implementation of PLC standard - HomePlug Green PHY (Phoenix-HPGP).