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In the coming years the market for technology and IoT solutions (Internet of Things) is expected to grow dynamically, approx. 13% YoY (“IoT in Polish Economy” report, Ministry of Digital Affairs, 2019). This means a great potential not only for the absorption of this technology, but also for its technological development in Poland.

Phoenix Systems creates innovative software and the flagship product of the company is Phoenix-RTOS – a real-time proprietary operating system dedicated to the growing IoT market. The primary task of the system is to facilitate the creation of program-defined devices.

The business model is based on the sale of software licenses for Phoenix-RTOS and designed software, and includes the provision of software development services. The company has its office in Bristol (UK) and operates under the patronage of the SETsquared incubator.

and products

Phoenix-RTOS is suitable for use in state-of-the-art embedded systems based on configurable processors. It speeds up and significantly simplifies the design and implementation of new smart devices. It is today used in Poland by leading manufacturers of smart devices for power engineering.

The system is based on a microkernel architecture and its source code is available in open source model.

Phoenix Systems sp. z o.o.

86 Ostrobramska Street, 04-163 Warsaw

Tel. +48 22 244 06 30

Email [email protected]

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