Once again, Atende with its cloud services under the CloudiA brand played together with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity


5,000 — is the peak number of requests per second handled by the website www.wosp.org.pl during the last Sunday’s Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC). This was possible thanks to the service provided by Atende in the cloud model, known under the CloudiA brand. CloudiA was the technological partner of the Finale already for the third time.

Each year, approximately 120 thousand volunteers raise money as a part of one-day public collection, organised by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. The slogan for this year’s — already 22nd — Finale of the GOCC was: ′To the rescue!′. On January 12th, the GOCC was raising funds all day long, which will be then used to purchase specialist equipment for children's emergency medicine and providing decent health care for seniors.

During this year’s Finale, Atende was responsible for configuration and maintenance of WAN and LAN networks. Additionally, as a part of the CloudiA service, the company ensured the continuity of high-performance infrastructure and systems for the needs of www.wosp.org.pl and the application for the auctions of The Most Generous Donors. Atende also provided and configured backup servers, computer and network hardware such as firewalls and switches.

The Finale of the GOCC is when the Foundation’s website is most visited. Handling such a heavy traffic is quite a challenge. Atende has been GOCC’s technological partner for three years. Under its brand, CloudiA, the Company offers the services package in an Infrastructure as a Service model and managed services in a cloud model. This year, the website www.wosp.org.pl handled a total of

92 million HTTP requests, including an average of 3,000 requests per second and even more than 5,000 requests per second in peaks. For comparison, during last year’s Finale, the Foundation's website handled 50 million HTTP requests, which amounted to approx. 600 requests per second on average and more than 2,000 in peaks. The total volume of data sent from the GOCC’s website during last Sunday’s Finale exceeded 2.5 TB.

- We are proud to provide the Foundation with the highest-class IT services for another year, thanks to which it is possible to handle such a heavy traffic — said Michał Zgajewski, the Director for Sales to the Financial Sector at Atende S.A. — We know that as the number of donors grows, so does the need for more and more advanced IT tools. As it can be seen, cloud services are the best solution for this type of events – he added.