A successful end of the year for Atende in telecommunications sector


For years, Atende has offered IT services in all major sectors on the market; however, the telecommunications and media sector is particularly significant for the Atende Group's revenues. Owing to its high competency in providing services to telecommunications operators, the Company reinforces its position on the market year by year, and thus it gains competitive edge and increasing revenues. On top of that, the sector is distinguished by rising needs for data transmission and storage services. It is caused, among other things, by the requirements of the new telecommunication standard, i.e. LTE, which adds to sales growth in new technologies the company specialises in.

The growing need for new IT technologies is confirmed by the Company's financial records. In comparison with Q4 2013, the last quarter of 2014 saw an 80% surge in sales to the telecommunications sector, which brought revenue in the amount exceeding PLN 33 million net.

-The recorded financial results prove that we pursue Atende's strategy assuming a significant sales growth for IT services in the telecommunications sector. This is connected with the fact that mobile devices have become widespread and data transmission grows dramatically. Furthermore, our competencies give us a competitive edge on the market where operators' expectations are going up. Our partners, mainly mobile operators, immediately identify poor quality. We will continue our efforts to earn the title of a trusted technological and business partner in the industry - said Roman Szwed, President of Atende S.A.

The President of Atende expects the current trend concerning the dramatic growth of data transmission at operators to continue, which will require substantial investments in the infrastructure. This in turn may boost the number of orders and the Company's profits in the near future.