Revival in e-medicine sector – new contracts of Atende Medica


At the turn of April and May 2017 Atende Medica, member of the Atende Group, concluded three contracts for computerisation of health care centres, with gross value exceeding PLN 8 million.

The first project includes comprehensive computerisation of the Lipsk Hospital in the Mazowieckie province with the aim of implementing electronic medical records and e-services. Its gross value exceeds PLN 3 million.

The second project also concerns a hospital in the Mazowieckie province, in Wyszków. The contract amounts to PLN 3.6 million gross/net and the project is co-financed by the European Union.

The last contract entails services for the Arnica Medical Centre. Under the contract, Atende Medica will deliver, install and configure IT equipment, and provide licenses. Furthermore, the project features the supply and implementation of an Integrated IT System. Gross value of the project exceeds PLN 1.5 million.

The scope of the above projects is very broad. It includes the supply of health care facility support software for both medical and administrative work as well as supply and implementation of hardware and network infrastructure. The development of a Patient’s Portal together with e-services, enabling comprehensive and automated handling of processes related to the medical services provided by the facilities, is an important element of the projects.

′We are happy to see a revival following recent years, which have been very difficult for us in terms of the number of tenders and contracts for the computerisation of health care services. There are now tender procedures which we not only participate in, but – as you can see – are winning. Our success comes from professional e-medicine products and services, offered at competitive prices,′ said Marek Niewiadomski, President of the Management Board of Atende Medica. ′We hope that these latest contracts bode well for this year and are only the beginning of a new opening,′ he added.

Atende Medica’s e-services offer enables comprehensive handling of hospitals’ and clinics’ patient and employee matters, streamlines facility management and enables efficient settlements with the National Health Fund (NFZ) and commercial units. The original system is offered in a standalone model, known as Medicus Online, or as a cloud software, cloudiMed.