Pioneering implementation of block-chain in the public sector


Atende has signed a contract related to one of the first Polish implementations of durable medium solutions based on the blockchain technology. The decision on the pioneering implementation of the innovative so-lution to authenticate transmitted documents transmitted was made by the Toruń Shared Services Centre (TCUW) – a local government organisational unit of the City of Toruń.

TCUW provides shared financial, accounting, payroll and tax services for nearly 80 organizational units of the Municipality of Toruń. The main objective of TCUW is to increase the operational efficiency and optimise the costs of servicing the units covered by the shared service and reporting to the City of Toruń. ChainDoc, Atende's proprietary block-chain-based solution, supports TCUW's goal by authenticating documents submitted by TCUW electronically, which reduces the need to use paper or implement other cost-intensive solutions.

Properly dedicated IT systems enabling electronic circulation of documents and their approval between served units and serving units are quite essential for the performance and efficiency of the Shared Services Centre, says Paweł Modrzyński, Director of TCUW.

ChainDoc was integrated with the ISOD platform (Internet Document Circulation System) – an existing solution previously created for TCUW, which aims to exchange electronic documents between TCUW and its clients. Financial and accounting documents, as well as payroll documents going through the system are recorded by ChainDoc with the use of the block-chain technology on a durable medium which makes it possible to secure any document containing an electronic signature - e.g. against modification by third parties.

The Atende's solution eliminates the necessity to transfer documents in paper form. Thanks to

ChainDoc, documents are time marked - and it is perfectly clear when they were put in the system, and they are undisputed in their form and content - due to their registration and verification – says Jacek Szczepański, Opera-tions Vice-President in Atende S.A.

Previously, in August 2018, Atende’s ChainDoc was used by ShareSpace, a Polish startup and online platform, to rent out service and co-working offices, in order to ensure security of the rental transactions between Busi-nessLink and Ricoh.

The ChainDoc solution has been designed so that it can be integrated with virtually any system. Apart from document circulation, it is used in CRM systems (recording the moments when the actual contact with the cus-tomer took place), ERP systems (recording scans of documents, contracts, etc.), technological manufacturing processes (recording the subsequent stages of the process), etc. ChainDoc is also a particularly valuable solu-tion for those entities that send documents to end customers on a durable medium (insurers, banks, telecom operators).

Currently, the block-chain technology is mainly associated mainly with crypto-currencies, which deprives it - to an extent - with reliability. However, the ′chain of blocks′ technology will soon be put to a series of applica-tions in virtually every industry dealing with information processing, for example financial institutions, insur-ance companies, telecommunications operators, or gas and energy providers.

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