OmniChip in the EU consortium designing hologram-based solutions for the automotive industry


Navigation displayed as a hologram instead of on the screen? It sounds like a vision from the distant future, but thanks to the recently launched EU REALHOLO project and MR (Mixed Reality) technology, the work is in progress to turn it into a prototype. A consortium of specialized companies from such countries as Austria and Germany, which provide technological elements for global automotive companies, including Volkswagen, together with OmniChip, a Polish company from Atende Group, are working on the implementation of the first such project.

REALHOLO is developing an advanced spatial light modulator (SLM), based on micromirrors, that modulates the phase of visible light with optical features far more technologically advanced than any known alternative based on liquid crystal displays. SLM will enable 3D displaying in applications as well as active lighting and ambient tracking, using the technology that blurs the differences between the real and virtual worlds.

The REALHOLO project will develop dedicated hardware solutions and highly specialized modules ready for integration in the target system. The end objective is to demonstrate the prototype for specific automotive applications. One of the key products will be a holographic MR Head-up display with a projection system and an active headlamp, supporting the detection of slippery road surface, for example. 

The Polish company – OmniChip – is responsible for the design of the digital part of the integrated circuit that controls 3D displaying, as well as for the entire electronic design contained on the prototype's motherboard. OmniChip is one of the few companies in Poland with knowledge and long-standing experience in designing integrated circuits for a variety of applications, including for the needs of global technology companies.

– The REALHOLO project is an extremely ambitious and innovative undertaking on a global scale – Tomasz Pomorski, CEO of OmniChip, says. – We are proud to be part of the consortium whose work results will set new standards in the automotive industry. The experience gained during this project will allow us to strengthen our position as a highly specialized design company, providing solutions with the highest degree of innovation.

The REALHOLO project has received a grant from the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under a grant agreement no 101014977. The project will last until the end of 2024. The budget of the project is EUR 6 mln.