A new company in the Atende Group


In early March 2017, a new company, A2 Customer Care Sp. o.o. (A2CC), will start operating within the Atende Capital Group. The company offers comprehensive implementation of specialised solutions and ERP systems.

The aim of the company is to perform consulting tasks, implementation and development of IT products that improve the management of customers’ businesses based on advanced software in the TMU (telecommunications, media, utilities) and MRS (Manufacturing, Retail, Services) sectors. The company also specialises in IT consultancy and delivering solutions operating in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Together with Atende, A2CC will be implementing solutions in the gas sector, including the SAP for Utilities and SAP Hybris Billing solutions (intelligent invoicing through combining data from different services offered by the provider). It is also planning to develop Polish e-mobility in the area of IT infrastructure management and settlement systems.

Atende took up 60% of shares in the newly established company, in line with Atende’s strategy for 2016–2017, which provides for the Group’s development in the energy sector. Atende S.A., as one of the leading IT integrators in the Polish market, has provided services to the largest energy companies for years; the scope of these services includes IT network and systems integration, IT security or construction of data centres. The company also offers innovative solutions in the field of energy storage. Specially designed services for the energy sector are provided by four more companies in the Capital Group: Atende Software (with regard to Smart Grid), Phoenix Systems (with regard to Software Defined Meters), Omnichip (with regard to designing electronic systems for new generation meters) and Energy Data Lab (application of Big Data technology in energy recipients’ behaviour analysis processes).