A new company in the Atende Group


From the beginning of March 2017, a new company - A2 Customer Care Sp. o.o., will start operating within the Atende Group. The company offers comprehensive implementation of specialized solutions and ERP systems. The aim of the company is the application of IT solutions in the field of consulting, implementation and development of IT products to improve the management of business customers based on advanced software in the TMU (telecommunications, media, utilities) and MRS (manufacturing, retail, services) sectors. The company also specializes in providing consulting and IT solutions in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Firstly, A2 Customer Care together with Atende will carry out projects in the gas sector, among others, by implementing SAP for Utilities, SAP Hybris Billing (intelligent billing by combining data from various services offered by the provider). The company also plans to develop Polish electromobility in the area of IT infrastructure management and billing systems.

60% of the shares in the newly formed company are held by Atende, fitting perfectly into Atende's strategy for 2016-2017, which envisages the development of the Group in the energy sector. Atende, as one of the leading IT integrators on the Polish market, for several years now supports the largest energy companies in Poland in the field of integration of networks and IT systems, IT security and building data centers. The company also offers innovative solutions in the area of energy storage. Dedicated services for energy are additionally offered by four companies of the Group: Atende Software (in the field of Smart Grids), Phoenix Systems (Software Defined Meters), Omnichip (related to the design of electronics for intelligent energy counters) and Energy Data Lab (Big Data in the process of analyzing the behavior of energy consumers).