New Atende Group product will secure payment cards


OmniChip, in the Atende Group, is a technological company specialising in integrated circuit design. It has many years of experience in NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which is used among other things in payment cards. Using its unique competences, the company has designed a proprietary integrated circuit which provides protection against theft of funds from payment cards and of data from ID and access cards.

When an attempt is made to read data on a contactless card, the integrated circuit is activated to generate a sequence interrupting reading, blocking access to the card. The circuit runs without batteries — the power required for its operation is obtained from the electromagnetic field generated by card readers. The proprietary integrated circuit has already undergone production testing. The final chip card will be developed within two months. Its commercial debut is planned in six months’ time.

′I am really happy that we have designed the first proprietary integrated circuit, which — it seems — should prove very interesting to clients. Right now, we are moving on to the next stage of placing the product on the market. We are starting to look for a partner for widespread distribution of our cards among people who want to be certain that data from their cards and funds on their accounts are always adequately protected,′ said Tomasz Pomorski, President of OmniChip.

OmniChip is a company which designs large-scale integrated circuits. The objective of the company is to design and develop microprocessor systems to be used in the monitoring, management and optimisation of energy consumption.

The company is one of the few companies operating on the Polish market in the field of design of integrated circuits.