Ministry of Health approved e-prescription system of Atende Medica


Medicus Online received positive feedback following integration tests with the P1 System, which verified software of medical units and pharmacies in respect of issuance of e-prescriptions and their collection — announced the Ministry of Health at the end of the last week. Medicus Online is an IT system for the medical sector developed by Atende Medica of the Atende Group. Electronic prescriptions will be issued to first patients already in May in Siedlce and Skierniewice. In accordance with the act in force, they are to be implemented for general use starting January, 1st 2020.

The implementation of the Medicus Online system for management of electronic prescriptions will eliminate the problem of incorrect reading of handwriting, increase patients’ safety through reduction of chances of selling an incorrect medicine, facilitate purchase of medicines in different pharmacies and enable access to the history of prescriptions issued, which will help better coordinate the treatment process — says Tomasz Judycki, member of the Management Board of Atende Medica.

The pilot study of e-prescriptions, coordinated by the Ministry of Health, has been carried out since this year’s mid-February. The Medicus Online system was tested during the e-Prescription Projectathon, which was held on March, 19–20th at the headquarters of the Centre for Healthcare Information Systems.  During the Projectathon, the following aspects were verified, among others: correctness of communication between the P1 platform and systems of service providers as well as conformity of electronic prescription documents and its collection with IHE Profiles: PRE and DIS as well as HL7 CDA implemented in the P1.

After successful completion of the tests, Medicus Online is included on the list of seven systems ready for the IT management of e-prescriptions in Poland.