A good year for Atende in power industry


The Atende Group recorded substantial growth of revenues from activities in the power industry. With revenues amounting to PLN 16.6 million in Q4 2014, the Company saw a 21.3%-growth yoy; at the same time, total revenues for 2014 hit PLN 28.7 million and thus the year on year growth stood at 9.4%.

Atende has provided services to clients from the power industry for a few years now. It is one of the fastest developing sectors on the market and requires complete transformation of its IT base. Increased activity in the power industry has been included in Atende's strategy and it is successfully carried out.

Together with its subsidiaries, Atende offers both, infrastructural IT solutions and multiple projects for the power industry, including R&D projects concerning innovative metering technologies, energy storage or software for Smart Grid.  The Company is working on a prestigious project under which it is involved in the implementation of the largest AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) venture in Central and Eastern Europe by Energa-Operator. Using the software delivered by Atende Software (a subsidiary of Atende), Energa-Operator has already implemented approx. 400 thousand metering systems with a view to implement 3 million systems in total. In 2014, Atende Software also developed a prototype of a next-gen energy consumption meter that can be entirely programmed and fulfils regular meter's functions, while basing on a software rather than expensive dedicated hardware implementations. The Atende Group is also among world leaders in PLC (Power Line Communication). Through its subsidiary, Phoenix Systems, the Group has i.a. its own implementation of PRIME communications protocol, which serves communication between meters through power grid. Phoenix Systems is one of seven global companies with the implementation of that protocol. The company is also working on the implementation of G3 communications protocol, which is now gaining in popularity all over the world.  Aiming to meet today's needs of its clients from the power industry, Atende delivers solutions related to data centre infrastructure, as well as data collection and processing systems. It has also a tradition of delivering dedicated infrastructure of transmission networks for the power industry. The most prestigious contract in this field was concluded with TAURON Obsługa Klienta in 2014.

- For several years now, we have been focused on building another robust sale sector that would balance telecommunications, which has been always strong. We are pleased with our achievements in the power industry in 2014. Satisfying financial results always provide objective confirmation that we have pursued the right strategy. We believe power industry has a bright future ahead of it, as it is faced with great challenges and the entire economy depends on its growth. Our offer comprising both standard systems and innovative solutions brought to life in our laboratories gives us a competitive edge which, I hope, will make our Company the unique technological partner for Clients operating in the power industry in Poland and globally - said Roman Szwed, President of Atende S.A.