First e-referral in Poland issued thanks to Atende Medica


On Wednesday, 12 December just before 6 pm, on the P1 platform, there was a historic, first in Poland, e-referral. The electronic document was issued by a medical facility using Atende Medica software.

The P1 platform 1 allows for sending electronic referrals. On the evening of 12 December (at around 6 pm), one of the Warsaw’s health care centers, using the Medicus On-Line system developed my Atende Medica from the Atende Group, registered its first e-referral on the P1 platform. Thus, e-referrals moved from a pilot phase to the production phase.

As opposed to e-prescriptions, where only some software producers took part in the pilot and activation phases due to the imposed, small geographical areas, the e-referral pilot phase could be tested by anybody. However, Atende Medica is the first company to have sent an e-referral to P1 – says Tomasz Judycki, Vice-President of the Management Board of Atende Medica.

The implementation of e-referrals will make it easier particularly for those patients who reserve their visits by phone or via the internet. So far, they have had to physically deliver a paper referral. At present, it is sufficient to make it available remotely to a medical facility. It will also make things easier for the facility itself, as it will receive full patient’s data in the e-referral, and the patient’s card will be registered automatically, while the facility employees will not have to waste their time rewriting all the phone and address data in the system.

According to the Regulation of the Minister of Health dated 8 September 2015 on the general terms and conditions for the provision of healthcare, from 1 January 2019 onwards three documents – the hospital treatment information card, the hospital admission refusal card, and the specialist notice to the referring physician – will be issued only in electronic form. Soon, it will become obligatory to issue e-sick notes, as well as e-prescriptions and e-referrals. In two or three years, such documents will be issued only in electronic form.


A significant part of medical centers and doctors do not have adequate tools or IT facilities to meet the new challenges. Atende Medica is trying to help them, providing free-of-charge software enabling them to meet the new requirements for issuing electronic documentation. 

Our cloudiMed solution requires just internet access and any search engine. Therefore, every doctor who has a smartphone may start using Atende Medica's software today – says Tomasz Juricki.

Link to available software:

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