Atende Software increases its share in OmniChip


Atende Software, a company of the Atende Group, acquired 40% shares in OmniChip sp. z o.o., increasing its total exposure to the entity to 55%. OmniChip specialises in the design of electronic circuits, including VLSI integrated circuits.

Company OmniChip was set up in late 2013 and it is now in the start-up phase. It focuses on providing services of microprocessor circuit design that can be applied e.g. in energy consumption monitoring, management and optimisation. It is one of few entities on the Polish market doing business in the field of microprocessor circuit design.

Acquiring 40% shares in OmniChip cost PLN 920 thousand. Before, Atende Software had already held 15% shares in the company. Increasing Atende Software's exposure towards OmniChip is consistent with its strategy to take up the controlling stake in the entity at the time when its products are commercialised. This also complies with the development strategy of Atende Group, which assumes e.g. active growth of competencies within the scope of advanced technologies connected to i.a. the power industry and Internet of Things. 

- Swift development of the company and good prospects for further growth moved us to purchase the majority stake in OmniChip through Atende Software. Atende Software, managed by Paweł Pisarczyk, currently owns two subsidiaries: Phoenix Systems and OmniChip. The company's laboratories are the place where advanced products, mainly dedicated to the power industry, are brought to life. I am truly glad that we have been successfully fulfilling our plans related to manufacturing of our own hi-tech products and I hope that soon OmniChip will demonstrate its high competence, making a valuable contribution into the development of those products - said Roman Szwed, President of Atende S.A.