Atende played with WOŚP for the fourth time


Atende has supported the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) with technology solutions already since 2012. Thanks to our cloud computing services (our CloudiA website), the whole infrastructure required to manage the Grand Finale is delivered in the form of a service; furthermore, the time necessary to launch it has been reduced from several months to several days, including load testing conducted to confirm the appropriate capacity of IT environment.

This year, servers processed 63 million hits, which gives approximately 800 hits per second. As for files, we achieved a whopping result of 4000 hits/sec. The entire infrastructure was prepared to process as many as 2000 hits through a single server. Providing technological support during such a great event as WOŚP confirms our experience and IT competencies. We are proud that already for the fourth time we had the opportunity to help the Foundation smoothly raise funds for good cause.