Atende is the leader among suppliers of integration services


Two prestigious rankings for the Polish IT market were issued at the beginning of the holiday period. According to the data from one of rankings, ICT sector’s revenues for the last year have exceeded PLN 100 billion for the first time. The examined IT companies closed 2015 with the result of PLN 63 billion, while made PLN 42.3 billion, which added up to PLN 105.3 billion.

Atende and its competitors

The company was classified at the 46th place in the ITwiz magazine’s BEST 100 ranking in the category of biggest IT companies in Poland in 2015. We also placed in the middle of the list for the biggest capital groups on the IT market. And in Computerworld magazine’s list of 353 biggest IT companies in Poland Atende was classified at the 54th place, and 18th among the 54 biggest capital groups.

Atende among leader’s according to Computerworld

Our company placed 8th among 108 companies in the category of the largest suppliers of integration services in 2015 as well as 7th among 142 largest suppliers of IT solutions and services for the large company and corporate sector. Also worth noting is the very good result of Atende Software subsidiary, which placed 6th among the 61 largest IT service suppliers for the media sector. In other categories, such as energy industry or public administration sector, Atende was in the top 20.