Atende educates young talents in “Algorithmic Clashes”


Atende became an official sponsor of this year’s Algorithmic Clashes [Potyczki Algorytmiczne], a national competition for programmers organised by the University of Warsaw.

Algorithmic Clashes is a national open competition for programmers. Its first edition was organised in 2005 by the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw and Advanced Digital Broadcast.

The competition consists of five remote rounds taking place on the Internet and the final round in which 20 competitors with highest scores will participate. The winner is granted the title of the Algorithmic Master of the Year. Each remote round lasts between 33 and 63 hours. Each round consists of between 1 and 4 tasks. The tasks consist in writing computer programmes solving the presented case studies. Competitors upload their solutions to the competition’s website. Upon completion of each round, the programmes are scored automatically.

Atende strives to help young, educated people in developing their passion for programming and to promote the sciences as the future directions of development.

Detailed information about the competition available at: