Atende among winners of a tender of the Chief Command of the Border Guard


On July 31st, 2017 the Chief Command of the Border Guard announced the result of their tender for ′Expansion of the Border Guard’s telecommunications system.′ Under a consortium agreement, Atende with the Research and Academic Computer Network (leader), NASK S.A., and Integrated Solutions sp. z o. will deliver network devices (together with guarantee, software, and licenses) to organisational units of the Border Guard and will carry out trainings on the operation of the devices supplied.

The Consortium’s bid was considered the most favourable combination on the basis of the assessment criteria: (price — weighted 60%, period of guarantee granted — weighted 30%, and time of damaged equipment replacement — weighted 10%).

Gross price of the bid submitted amounts to PLN 44.5 million, of which the price of the basic contract amounts to PLN 31.4 million, and the price of the optional contract amounts to PLN 13.1 million. The total remuneration payable for Atende amounts to PLN 17.3 million gross, of which PLN 14.1 million gross — for the performance of the basic contract and PLN 3.2 million — for the performance of the optional contract.