40-percentage increase in sales in the mobile sector


In view of the dynamic increase in internet traffic, the needs of mobile operators are growing. Atende S.A., as a long term technological partner of the biggest operators, has been actively supporting them in the development process. In the first half of the year, the sector’s sales increased by more than 40% vs 2017.

Large projects for mobile operators were related to the development of concepts, selection of own services and Atende's software, and the components and delivery of devices for the purpose of infrastructure development.

The main technology partner of Atende in terms of solutions for mobile operators is Cisco Systems whose solutions are widely used to develop operators’ network infrastructure in key internet based traffic exchange systems. Cisco solutions are supplemented by the proprietary software of Atende, including within the scope of PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) and SMaCS (Service Management and Charging System) - to manage internet access services offered to the mobile network customers.

26 years ago, we connected the first Polish companies to the internet. On the basis of an extensive integration experience, we created SMaCS – the only software of this kind developed by a Polish company - enabling operators to create new services and deliver them to the market fast and cost effectively, says Andrzej Jaśkiewicz, Director of the Mobile Solutions Department in Atende. In a highly competitive market of mobile operators, such factors as flexibility and time-to-market often determine success or failure.

Atende specialises also in the design and development of the packet network core (the so-called access gates), based on the latest virtual Cisco Ultra-M solution, as well as in the provision of maintenance services and functional development services within the scope of the Cisco EPC system (Cisco Evolsed Packet Core). The EPC system is one of the most important components of the operator’s network, being the ′heart′ of the cell network data transmission system.

Atende engineers have unique competences as regards the building and maintaining packet networks. We have managed to adjust our skills to the needs of mobile operators, which is why we have actively engaged in the development of the transmission networks, offering our partners the most recent online services – adds Jaśkiewicz.