NASK SA is the Central Trusted Node in private blockchain networks developed together with Atende SA


Atende SA signed an agreement with NASK SA on starting cooperation as part of the blockchain technology solution offered to customers. In line with the new agreement, the servers of NASK SA will serve as the Central Trusted Node in private blockchain networks. NASK SA also intends to build its own products based on the joint blockchain solution and offer them to customers.

In accordance with the concept of private blockchain networks executed by Atende SA in cooperation with NASK SA, NASK SA will ensure that transactions in blockchain networks are prioritised and their authenticity verified. Shortcuts of digital documents and data on transactions recorded in blockchain gain an even greater guarantee of invariability of information and security of the highest standard.

′Blockchain is a new technology that has a potential to substantially change the manner in which partners operating in a digitally connected ecosystem share information and use business rules. The technology makes it possible to create a completely new class of distributed applications and will be of great importance for innovations in the area of models and business processes,′ says Wiesław Łodzikowski, Director of Technology at NASK SA.

Based on the blockchain technology, Atende SA has developed a solution called ChainDoc that uses a private node network. ChainDoc is built on an open code of the blockchain engine, which ensures the transparency of the solution and provides certainty about the extent of its operation. It is at the same time a closed and a private blockchain based on defined participants and the trusted computer nodes located in Poland. As part of the agreement with NASK SA, Atende SA as the Blockchain Network Administrator is responsible for the technical side of the networks created.

′Transactions in the blockchain are irreversible and fully secured. The history of records in the database based on the blockchain can be reviewed and verified, which means that audits can be conducted and inspires greater trust,′ says Jacek Szczepański, Operations Vice-President at Atende SA. ′It is worth reminding that in a blockchain network each computer node stores a copy of the database, so there is no single failure point.′

In the blockchain, each piece of information is encrypted before it is added to the chain of historical records as a new block. It is impossible to make any changes to historical data due to the fact that the same copies of the whole chain are stored on different servers distributed around the network. Additionally, in the ChainDoc solution, the documents recorded do not go beyond the customer’s environment and there is a mechanism exercising the right to forget under the GDPR. Thanks to these features, the solution meets all the requirements regarding communication with customers, enabling documents to be supplied to final customers in electronic form.

The agreement between Atende SA and NASK SA covers also the possibility of using Atende ChainRepo. This solution makes it possible to automatically record paper documents in the blockchain networks, archive, search and index electronic documents, both by customer organisations and end customers.