More than one million monthly revenue for Atende from cloud computing services


Atende focuses particularly on repeatable services. Development in this area is an important part of company's strategy implemented in all seven Group companies.

The Group leader in rendering cloud computing services is Atende Software, which provides the platform for multimedia distribution on the Internet in the SaaS model (Software as a Service). redCDN (Content Delivery Network) is a proprietary platform which is the most widespread solution of that type in Poland. At present, it is used by i.a. TVN, Cyfrowy Polsat and ITI Neovision.

The Parent Company, Atende, provides cloud computing services with the main focus on the IaaS model (Infrastructure as a Service). Atende Business Cloud, a platform developed by the company, is primarily addressed to demanding business clients.

Growing sales suggests that there is increasing interest in such services. In Q1 2015, the average monthly consolidated revenues from cloud computing services exceeded PLN 1 million. The total volume of the Group's monthly revenues from all repeatable services (cloud computing, outsourcing and maintenance) is above PLN 3 million.