Migration to the cloud

Learn about the benefits of migration and the process
behind moving your apps and data to the cloud.

A signpost on your journey to the cloud

We support companies in cloud adoption at all stages of the process - from the strategy phase, preparation of a cloud migration plan, through defining the architecture and operating principles, implementation of the migration process, to support in maintaining the cloud environment and its optimisation. Check what key steps you should consider in cloud deployments.

Key benefits


Enhancement of the company’s innovation capacity



Simplifying IT management



TCO — Reducing the total cost of IT ownership (TCO)



Increasing infrastructure scalability and flexibility



Increasing IT security

plan your path
to the cloud reasonably

Digital transformation is inevitable for any organisation serious about developing and achieving its goals. The cloud is one of the tools that support this type of transformation. And we support organisations that want to take advantage of the benefits the cloud offers. To give a good start to your cloud journey, we help you prepare a strategy by determining goals and success metrics for cloud adoption, so that your story can have a happy ending.

Test phase

To better understand the nature of cloud services and to see how they work and what they can bring us, you should consider running an initial test project on a small scale. In this case, we will be happy to help you prepare a proof of concept that can be completed in a few weeks to quickly gather practical knowledge. Let’s start with a less complicated application, which is nonetheless important enough to properly assess the operation of the cloud.

Analysis and planning

As a next step, we will help you understand your current IT environment so that you can cleverly plan a cloud migration path tailored to your organisation’s needs and technical capabilities, taking into account the required resources, the necessary training and the required support. Once we know your environment and expectations, we can prepare a business case and determine the best cloud model for you.

Cloud Center of Excellence

Cloud Center of Excellence is an interdisciplinary team of people responsible for developing and implementing a cloud strategy and supporting the entire organisation in cloud adoption. Cloud Center of Excellence is an interdisciplinary team of people responsible for developing and implementing a cloud strategy and supporting the entire organisation in cloud adoption.


The time has come to migrate applications to the cloud. Our specialists can provide support in this process or take full responsibility for it. But we always first need to establish the basic aspects related to security of the environment, data protection, ensuring effective communication and establishing cloud governance rules.

Now all that remains is to start the application and run tests.


More and more applications operate in the cloud, but this is not the end of the journey. The cloud environment requires constant care to keep it under control while ensuring it keeps up with changing requirements. We have the right knowledge, experience and organisation to ensure that the cloud operates smoothly and securely. And there is one more thing. We are well aware that cloud costs also require constant control.

With us you have a choice of solutions from the leading public cloud providers: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud.

Hybrid cloud

We create fully integrated hybrid solutions which combine public clouds, dedicated computing and disk resources as part of a single flexible environment.

Hybrid cloud offers benefits characteristic for each type of environment: practically unlimited public cloud resources, efficiency and separation of dedicated resources, flexibility and freedom of the local cloud.

The role of an integrator in building a hybrid cloud

Our role is not only to choose and supply the optimal components of the solution, but primarily to integrate them in a way which leads to synergy and ensures security on the whole.

We specialise in building solutions that combine the strengths of the elements they are made of, taking care to adjust the whole to the needs of the company and its plans for development.

Why Atende?

We can provide support at every stage of cloud adoption or only at a selected stage, e.g., in conducting just the migration to the cloud or in optimising and caring for the operating cloud environment


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