Construction and fitting out of data centers

For 30 years, we have created secure and energy-efficient collocation buildings and data centres

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We have more than 30 years of experience in the design, construction and fitting out of a data centre. Our engineers take care of comprehensive project implementation, starting from audit which includes energy efficiency analysis, all the way to preparation of detailed documentation, including the solution concept, implementation and service support.

By deciding to cooperate with us, you gain a reliable partner, whose experience is based on long-standing presence in the market, collaboration with the largest manufacturers of technical solutions for data centres, and numerous references. Find out how we can help you.

at every stage
Audit or technical concept

At this stage, our engineers check if the power supply system and air-conditioning comply with the applicable organisational, legal and other standards. Next, they analyse documentation related to failures and any reported problems in the operation of the system, to finally proceed to the analysis of the energy efficiency displayed by the technical infrastructure. Last, an audit report is drawn up.


When creating a data centre design, our engineers take account of the investor’s requirements and evaluate if they are feasible. Next, detailed documentation is created, starting from the solution concept to building permit design and working design. For small or simple investments, a single-stage document is developed. At the end, as-built documentation is prepared.


Our data centres are built in accordance with global project management methodologies. We take responsibility for the entire project, from planning through implementation to service support. When implementing the entire project, we collaborate with the largest companies in construction, electricity, sanitary and IT industries.


Service support

We have our own technical service for data centre infrastructure, which is the largest in Poland. Our engineers are among the top professionals in this field. In our daily work, we follow the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) practices on the basis of SLA (Service Level Agreement).

See to it that your company is energy efficient

Today, energy efficiency is one of the main factors considered during the construction of a server room or upgrade of data centres or a disaster recovery centre, as the cost of electricity is affected not only by the efficiency of the installed power supply and cooling equipment, but also by the quality of cold and hot zones. The data centres we build not only guarantee high energy efficiency but also allow for the operation of highly-packaged devices.

Because of the needs of the installed IT equipment as well as overheads related to the needs of uninterruptible power supply and air-conditioning, data centres represent the lion’s share of energy consumption in many enterprises. Notably, energy consumption (of all devices connected to the IP network) can be monitored and managed using innovative EMS (Energy Management System) solutions. They allow not only measurement and ongoing monitoring of energy consumption, but also provide the basis for proactive action. With EMS systems, you can compare the energy efficiency of the entire infrastructure connected to the network and simulate the implementation of new cost-saving policies. By implementing this type of modern solutions, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 35%.

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