Computerworld TOP200: Atende is the 4th largest provider of IT solutions and services for the telecommunications sector


In the recently published 28th edition of the Computerworld TOP200 report, which is one of the most important publications concerning the Polish ICT market, we can find a summary of the condition of the Polish ICT sector in 2019. For years, Atende has been invariably ranked high.

The company took a high 27th place among the companies with the highest net profit in 2019 (in the previous year – 28th place) and 17th place among the largest IT capital groups operating in Poland.

Detailed information on Atende’s positions in individual sectors and segments in 2019 is presented below.

According to the report, Atende is the market leader among:

the largest providers of IT solutions and services for the telecommunications sector – 4th place

the largest network equipment suppliers – 6th place

the largest providers of virtualisation and containerisation solutions – 5th place

the largest providers of maintenance services – 9th place

the largest server suppliers – 11th place

We have recorded significant growth in the following sectors:

in the transport, freight forwarding and logistics sector: up from 18th to 14th place

in the trade sector from 43rd to 21st place

in the banking sector from 55th to 35th place

We are also ranked high among the largest providers of IT solutions and services:

in the area of security: 19th place

for the public administration and uniformed services sector: 14th place

for the media sector: 16th place

for the financial and insurance sector: 29th place

It is worth emphasising the high places achieved in the rankings by Atende Software, a company from the Atende Group:

the largest providers of IT solutions and services for the media sector: 4th place

IT companies with the highest R&D expenditure: 14th place

We encourage you to read the entire report and interviews with Jacek Szczepański, Vice-President of the Management Board at Atende SA, and Dariusz Śpiewak, CIO at Polski Gaz TUW, on the implementation of the cloud from Atende.