Implementation of Cisco Hyperflex
at Eveline Cosmetics

Customer: Eveline Cosmetics

Eveline Cosmetics is a Polish cosmetic company, the largest producer and exporter of cosmetic products in Poland. The Eveline Cosmetics products are sold in more than 70 countries worldwide.Challenges of the IT Department at Eveline Cosmetics:

Challenges of the Customer’s IT Department
Poor performance

relatively low efficiency of the environment of the core ERP application — Microsoft Dynamics AX

Ensuring availability

the need to ensure high availability of the entire IT syste


First, Eveline Cosmetics considered expanding their environment using a conventional model with a server, SAN, array, and classic virtualization model, somehow getting stuck for a long time with the current environment.

The detailed analysis of the infrastructure carried out together with Atende's engineers showed that the poor performance of the application and high failure rate result directly from the obsolete architecture of the solution and the failure to adapt its components to modern requirements. Therefore, Atende suggested a Cisco HyperFlex solution based on hyperconverged technology, making it possible to simplify and standardize network and system infrastructure. HyperFlex combines mass storage virtualization, that is software-defined storage with features such as deduplication, compression, and Cisco UCS servers. The solution integrates mass storage with network and computing resources, fully exploiting the potential of infrastructure based on standard x86 servers. Cisco HyperFlex sets a new level of performance and adaptive data centre capabilities.

The HyperFlex environment can be started in less than an hour. It takes only a few seconds to make applications and services available. Mass storage virtualization brings up to 80% of storage cost savings.


As part of the project, the existing system infrastructure – that is blade servers, SAN and disk array – was replaced with four compact RACK servers. The new solution works on 40 Gbps network. This has significantly improved the performance of key business applications.

Atende proposed the Cisco HyperFlex AllFlash 40G platform with Intel Optane drives as cache space and traditional SSDs, to build an efficient mass storage layer. The flexibility of the system made it possible to create the Compute-Only node dedicated to the operation of a key database which required a lot of computing resources compared to the rest of the customer’s systems. Within only 7 days the suitable configuration, testing and production implementation of the complete environment have been carried out.

to complete production deployment

High availability

ensuring high availability for key business applications


shortening the generation time of the key report from 7 h to 1.5 h


30% increase of ERP system capacity


40% saving on storage space

What I liked from the outset in the Atende’s concept based on Cisco HyperFlex is the time-to-market factor, that is the short time it takes to test the solution, configure it, and deploy it, at no extra cost. However, the most important is the final effect. Even though the solution is very simple and from the point of view of conventional IT, compact and small, it has brought many tangible benefits to our company.

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