Phoenix-RTOS in the Concentrator
and Balancing Sets from Apator SA

Client: Apator SA

 Apator S.A. is a member of the group of companies bringing together the experienced manufacturers of the measurement devices and systems and the providers of automation solutions for power grids. Apator manufactures and supplies proprietary metering solutions for all utilities (electricity meters, water meters, heat meters, gas meters) as well as IT and technical solutions for the smart power, water and gas networks.

Combining the functionality

Combining the functionality of a measurement data concentrator with that of an electricity meter into a single unit to ensure both advanced energy measurement and data capture from smart meters


Interoperability, i.e. the concentrator is designed to communicate with meters from any manufacturer


Compliance with the new Energy Law which provides that 80% of energy meters must be replaced with smart ones by 2028


Apator S.A. and Phoenix Systems have combined their knowledge and experience to develop a software-defined device in which all functionality is achieved through software. The Concentrator and Balancing Set has been designed by combining the know-how of the companies from the Apator Group in the design and production of measuring devices for the Smart Utility market with the relevant experience of Phoenix Systems in the use of real-time operating system in Internet of Things devices and the development of communication stacks for smart grids.

Within the consortium, Apator S.A. and Apator Telemetria are responsible for the design and production of the devices, while Phoenix Systems from the Atende Group – for the development and implementation of the Phoenix-RTOS based software – an open, scalable operating system for the Internet of Things.


ZKB combines the functionality of a data concentrator unit with that of a balancing meter. It is mounted on medium voltage stations and primarily designed to support communication with smart meters and provide measurement information on the quality parameters of electricity.

The ZKB device has been developed from scratch in Poland on the basis of the proprietary implementation of the PRIME v.1.4 power line communication standard that will be the first in the world to use all available channels of the FCC band (0-0.5 MHz). The use of all channels will allow users to increase their communication throughput, interference resistance and data reading efficiency, and allow operation of several concentrator units within a single transformer station.

7000 devices utilising the PRIME V 1.4 protocol will be installed in the Energy Operator network and serve as the foundation for the Smart Grid ecosystem of Energa Operator. The devices will be delivered to Gdańsk, Kalisz, Koszalin, Olsztyn, Płock and Toruń.

Phoenix-RTOS is already used in smart gas meters, energy meters and data concentrators. Apator and Phoenix Systems are currently working on other joint projects, including an innovative smart meter utilising the universal and flexible technology that will allow users to explore the new functionalities introduced by applications (similar to smartphone users).

to be deployed in EOP

the device is better suited to today’s market requirements through the use of software-defined architecture

higher information flow

better interference resistance and data reading efficiency

several concentrator units can operate within a single transformer station

ZKB is a key element of a smart grid that enables communication between remote reading meters that utilise the latest PLC technology. This solution serves as a “local smart supervisor” in metering communications, operating at the level of the medium/low voltage power station. It is also essential for providing communication with the remainder of the AMI infrastructure (e.g. HES system).  Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for AMI. ZKB is another step by the Apator Group in developing a comprehensive offer of smart metering products.

Artur Bratkowski, Director for Equipment and Metering Systems at Apator S.A.
Artur Bratkowski
Director for Equipment and Metering Systems at Apator S.A.