Best quarterly performance in the history of the Atende Group!


In Q3, the Atende Group greatly improved its financial performance, both YoY and compared to the previous quarter. Hence, the net profit cumulative is now, after 9 months of 2013, higher than in the entire 2012. The Atende Group achieved in Q3 of 2013 its new net profit high (PLN 4,631,000, increase by 649% YoY), EBITDA (PLN 7,581,000, increase by 257% YoY) and the percentage margin on gross profit on sales (calculated as the ratio of gross profit on sales to profit on sales), which was 29%. Owing to its very good consolidated performance achieved in Q3 of 2013, the main financial items for 9 months of 2013 are much higher than in the same period of 2012. Year over year, revenues increased by 13% to PLN 144,793,000, EBITDA by 76% to PLN 12,572,000 and net profit by 243% to PLN 5,941,000. This comes mainly from a high increase of sales (by 242% YoY) for public sector clients.