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The digital transformation is based on the information and data that have become the core resource of the modern economy. The volume of new information that needs to be stored and secured is growing very fast and securing it by organizations is a major challenge for every IT department. Data is vulnerable to many threats. From failures of software and hardware that store information, through human errors, to hacker attacks and malicious data encryption software. Data loss is a serious problem in the business of a company and, in extreme cases, it may determine its existence. The increasing amount of data means also the growing spending on disk resources and infrastructure needed to store it.

Ensuring effective data protection while maintaining cost discipline is only possible using modern tools and mechanisms offered by cloud computing. We help you manage the continuity of your business with the highest quality products and services: Atende Cloud Backup and Cloud Disaster Recovery.

  Atende Cloud Backup

It is a service that is fully managed by Atende engineers, allowing you to forget the labour-intensive management of professional tape libraries and expensive disk resources. We provide data backup and security using Microsoft Azure resources. Microsoft provides services with the highest standards of security, compliance and respect for privacy and transparency. Whereas Atende experts, available round the clock, provide the right configuration and comprehensive support for the entire solution.

Atende Cloud Backup protects a wide range of applications and environments, both virtual and physical. It makes it possible to secure popular databases, Exchange Server and SharePoint applications, and data stored in Microsoft 365 and on user computers.

Key benefits Atende Cloud Backup

Malware protection

Your data is protected so your business is not compromised


Simple management

You don't have to worry about your data. A team of experts is available 24/7/365 at your disposal


Reliable recovery

Automatically performed backup tests allow you to recover your data if you need it


Rule 3-2-1

To ensure data security, we should have at least three copies of data on two different data storage devices and one copy in a remote location

Atende Cloud Backup

Take advantage of our offer to analyse and plan your backup using Microsoft Azure

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Even the slightest failure of the IT systems may cause considerable damage for the business. Not only measurable damage related to lost business and stoppage time, but also damage that cannot be measured – the loss of trust of our customers and tarnished image which requires much effort, means and time to recover. Protection of vital IT systems no longer needs to be expensive or complex. The solution is the business continuity plan which describes the measures to be taken in the event of data centre failure and a reliable and economical disaster recovery centre provided in the service model.

By building the disaster recovery centre in the service model you get the assurance of operation and security of business with no need to incur high expenditure for building the second centre. Atende provides recovery centre services based on Atende Business Cloud or Microsoft Azure resources.

Key benefits of Cloud Disaster Recovery

Lower costs

You only pay for what you really use. The service is provided in a pay-as-you-use model, which makes it available to any business


Continuity of operation

Ensuring business continuity in the event of an unexpected failure to enable conducting of business


Expert assistance

Atende provides comprehensive service support. Your IT departments can focus on what really matters

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Take advantage of our Disaster Recovery Centre analysis and planning offer using with Microsoft Azure


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