Atende results: Good H1


In the 1st half of 2019, Atende Group had good results, better than in the 1st half of the previous year. In the whole Group, a consolidated income from sales amounting to PLN 147,118 thousand (y/y increase by 28%) and a gross profit on sales of PLN 34,617 thousand (y/y increase by 11%) were generated. In its stand-alone statement Atende S.A. recorded revenue of PLN 119,160 thousand, which means an increase by 42% compared with the 1st half of the previous year and a gross profit on sales of PLN 19,366 thousand (y/y increase by 12%).

At the same time, the general and administrative costs of the whole Group increase only slightly (by 5% y/y), therefore, the following results improved: EBITDA (profit of PLN 8,959 thousand, up by 136% y/y) and net result (profit of PLN 842 thousand, compared to a loss of PLN 1,024 thousand in the 1st half of 2018).

Among subsidiaries, Sputnik Software, Atende Software and A2CC had the most significant positive impact on the results. TrustIT and Atende Medica also delivered positive figures.

As usual, the telecommunications and media sector accounted for the largest portion of Atende Group’s sales in the 1st half of 2019. They amounted to PLN 48.8 million (y/y increase by 11%), especially as a result of the executed by Atende expansion of data transmission infrastructure (including LTE technology) as well as settlement and billing of IP services for mobile operators. An important and promising achievement for the Group was the signing by Atende Software of an agreement with a leading media group – All Media Baltics, operating in the Baltic states. The subject matter of the agreement was the implementation and adjustment of the redGalaxy platform developed by Atende Software for distributing multimedia content on the Internet.

The largest increase in sales of Atende Group was recorded by the industry, trade and services sector (up by 131% y/y to PLN 44.7 million). It is mainly attributable to the implementation of a number of projects by the parent company, the largest of which concerned the extension of network systems in Poczta Polska’s companies (total value of PLN 18.5 million) and security infrastructure in an energy company (PLN 6.6 million).

In the financial sector, the Group also generated sales higher by 29% than in the previous year (PLN 12.6 million). Mora than a half of this sum (55%) is attributable to the sale by Atende of IT solution to banks, among others, concerning security and virtualisation. On the other hand, revenue from public sector customers was similar to that of the 1st half of 2018 (PLN 41.0 million, down by 1% y/y).

′We are pleased to see a significant increase in revenue in the strategic areas of our business. We expect that the relatively worse result in the public sector will be improved in the upcoming reporting periods. We have the same hopes with regard to the energy sector in terms of smart networks. The significant investment effort in these directions should, thus, bring the expected results. But we are probably most pleased with the success of Atende Software – obtaining an important contract outside Poland, and the successes of the Group’s subsidiaries in obtaining first contracts based on own solutions and products. A good example are the first successes regarding the implementation of solutions based on the blockchain technology by Atende S.A.,′ adds Roman Szwed.