Atende to provide hardware and software for the Ministry of National Defence


As part of a consortium of three companies, Atende will deliver network equipment and services to the Ministry of National Defence. The gross value of the contract amounts to PLN 115.4 million.

The consortium comprising S&T Services Polska Sp. z o.o. (the consortium leader), Atende S.A. and COMP S.A. will execute the contract for the delivery of network equipment for the expansion and modernisation of ICT networks of the Ministry of National Defence. The consortium agreement includes also a network migration service on the basis of the delivered equipment, the renewal of engineering support and the renewal of the manufacturer’s service for the equipment used. Atende will implement the subject of the agreement within the scope of delivering network equipment and software together with maintenance services.

The total gross value of the contract obtained by the consortium is PLN 115.4 million, of which Atende accounts for PLN 20.2 million.