Atende dividend higher than last year


Today, the General Meeting of Atende S.A. decided to pay dividend in the amount of PLN 5,451,501.60 from the Company’s net profit for the financial year 2013, which equalled PLN 10,160,963.56. This gives PLN 0.15 per share. Last year, Atende paid PLN 0.08 of dividend per share, which made PLN 2,907,467.52 in total.

Pursuant to the adopted resolution, 14 July 2014 is the date of establishing the right to dividend and 29 July 2014 is the payment date. The dividend amount is consistent with the Company’s dividend policy, which assumes the payment of 30-50% of the Atende Group's net profit for the preceding year, taking into account the economic situation of the Company.