Atende ChainRepo

Digital archive

Atende ChainRepo is a proprietary solution that allows automatic transfer of paper documents into an electronic form, their archiving, as well as searching and indexing – both by the client’s organization, and end users.

ChainRepo can function both as an extension of the Atende’s ChainDoc blockchain service, as well as a standalone module for document workflow in an organization, providing the opportunity to eliminate paper media.

In the solution, we used the OCR (optical character recognition) technique to recognize characters and entire texts in an image file.

ChainRepo solution features

  • Digitization and indexing of documents - easy search for documents by their content, regardless of whether they are saved as a document, txt, PDF, or graphic
  • Content analysis - automatic document classification
  • Integration - easy connection with own IT solutions through Rest API
  • Permissions management - convenient exchange of documents between parties

Key benefits of the ChainRepo solution


Significant savings, no need to maintain paper archives, no need to maintain staff supporting paper archives



Service settlement model adapted to the needs and requirements of the customer



The entire process of concluding the contract is already handled in a digital manner


Modern office

The entire process of concluding the contract is already handled in a digital manner



Integration with ERP/CRM class systems

Central Trusted Node

Industry Trusted Nodes

It is worth using the blockchain technology that strengthens cyber security. It is a foundation of the business.

Wiesław Łodzikowski
WORM as a Service – the perfect complement to the ChainDoc and ChainRepo services

A perfect addition to the ChainDoc and ChainRepo services is a technical solution which meets the requirements of WORM technology (Write Once Read Many), but in service model – WORM as a service. Together with our partner, EXEA, we have created a technical environment in which the customer can deposit their data for a specified storage period. In accordance with the right to be forgotten under the GDPR, after this time the end customer can independently manage the information.

The security of entrusted data is supervised by cryptographic mechanisms characteristic for the blockchain technology, as well as physical storage of data in Poland in Data Center facilities that meet the highest in Poland level of TIER III certification.

Functionalities of the WORM as a Service solution

  • Unique solution - service model
  • Possibility of self-management of information by the final customer of the instituting using the service (the right to forget the GDPR)
  • The blockchain engine as a guarantor of expected functionality of WORM
  • Easy integration with own IT solutions (REST API)

Key benefits of the WORM as a Service

One-off fee for the entire data storage period


No necessity to build own infrastructure, servicing, backup copy making, scaling


Possibility of passing the administration of the data on to the final customer


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